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AR-15 Firing Pins, AK-47 Firing Pin, 1911 Firing Pins and Many More

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 Custom Instruments Tactical specializes in manufacturing AR-15 Firing Pins, AK-47 Firing Pins,  1911 Firing Pins for both 70 & 80 Series and many other makes and models of firing pins.  Our Firing Pins are made from 17-4 Stainless Steel and Grade 6 Titanium.  

Our mission is to provide expert Machining Services of the highest standard while utilizing the latest in CNC Technology. We manufacture Precision Firing Pins and other parts and accessories.  We have over 60 different firing pins and are always developing new pins.  If you have a Firing Pin we can make it.  See below for our latest builds.

Our Titanium AR15 Firing Pins are nearly 40% lighter than a standard steel firing pin thus giving it a faster lock time which minimizes risk of accuracy being compromised by weapon movement before the hammer hits the primers.

Our stainless steel firing pins are heat treated to a H900 Condition which is a Rockwell C from 42 to 47 thus making them very strong and tough.  The stainless firing pin also allows for better corrosion resistance and better wear.

Currently we carry many different models of firing pins in stock.  Some include  Anschultz 22 kit, Bryco, Ravens, Boa, Saiga 12 FN Series, Bren 7.62 X 54 Semi Auto Conversion and many more, see list below.   The SCAR17 FNH firing pins can be found at HDD Tactical.

New Pin Alert!!!!  MG34 Firing Pin, LUSA 9mm, Bernardelli VP 25 Baby Auto, Colt 25 Pocket Auto.   Go to or call 561 735-9971 for purchasing!!!

If you have a Special One Off firing pin for a build please email us with your information.

6-9-14 Currently In Stock 
  • AR-15 Firing Pin both Stainless and Titanium
  • AK-47 Firing Pin both Stainless and Titanium
  • 1911 70 Series Firing Pin both SS and Titanium
  • 1911 80 Series Firing Pin both SS and Titanium
  • 9mm SMG Stainless and Titanium
  • PSL Firing Pin, Stainless
  • FN FNC Firing Pin, Stainless and Titanium
  • XCR-L Stainless Firing Pin
  • RRA LAR-8, 308, Stainless and Titanium
  • AR10 Firing Pin, Both Stainless and Titanium
  • Bryco Arms 380, Fits M38 & T380
  • Raven 25
  • Lorcin 25
  • Davis P32
  • Sundance BOA 25
  • Sterling SMG
  • Franchi SPAS 12
  • Remington 870 - 1100 (2 15/16 and 3 1/16 Pins)
  • FN FAL
  • FN  L1A1
  • Anshutz 22 LR Kit
  • SAIGA 12
  • Czech VZ52
  • Vulcan V94
  • Molot AK74 Firing Pin with Collar
  • AK74 Firing Pin
  • Kel Tec P11-170 Titanium Firing Pin
  • Schmidt Rubin 1911 Swiss K11
  • AR-180 5.56 x 45mm
  • AR10 Titanium Pin
  • 22 Long Rifle Repeater
  • Norinco AK
  • 1911 Rock Island 22 TCM 9mm (Titan & SS) 
  • ACR Firing Pin (Titanium & SS)
  • Bernardelli Firing Pin  (Titanium & SS)
  • Colt 25 Pocket Auto
  • Taurus PT-22
There are too many to mention here.  Go to the below sight.

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